Friday, November 14, 2014

Breaking news

We have an OWL!!!
As I write this it is enjoying the sunset view from the Irish Cottage chimney.  I dare not go closer lest I disturb it.  It's a spotted eagle owl.

Last year I received two owl houses for Christmas.  In June when we did winter pruning, we selected trees to put them up.  One behind my studio, and one next to the barn.  Owls need space, they don't like to live too close together.
Henning had to risk life and limb to mount them.  Fortunately he has a safety harness.
Owls like a south facing entrance, and they prefer a clear approach to the nest.
We had to trim quite a few branches.
 Once the nests were mounted, they were hardly visible.
I was told not to worry, the owls would find them.  It might take a few years before they decide to move in though...
Ever the optimist, I've been watching for signs of activity since the start of spring.
Oh how I wish the owl would decide to stay!

Owls are fantastic snake and rodent catchers.  Want your own owl house?  Find the details HERE


  1. Love this post, and love seeing 3 of the puppies. (o:


  2. So so glad for you. Hope Mr Owl brings Mrs Owl to the new home soon, and that there will be lots of little owls for you to spot shortly.
    Looking at the photos make me wish I was once again there.
    Enjoy your new tenants - you will have to watch them on the camera at night now.

  3. I'm so happy for you, Megan, because owls on your property is very special, I hope the owl will stay there :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. What a thrill to see the Owl near your house. I do hope he brings a lady to take up residence with him. How exciting.
    Hugs Kay