Monday, November 10, 2014

Strawberries, anyone?

I am trying my hand at making a cloth ball jointed doll.  Feeling pleased with the way it is coming together so far. 
Summer is a good time for eating healthy, I'm nibbling on fruit as I work.  At one point my doll turned into a handy strawberry holder!

I have also been making a little bit of progress with the ceramic mould project that I'm working on.  Soon I will be able to show you what that is all about.

Wishing you a good week!


  1. Have fun. The strawberries look fantastic, are they from your garden? Winter is setting in here, we could see more snow by the end of the week. Our first snow fall was on Nov.1. (o:

  2. Hi Megan! Oh, I've never seen a cloth ball jointed doll before, but it looks fantastic! Those hands!!......and those delicious strawberries, they make me mouthwatering ;)!
    Here in The Netherlands it is still quiet autumn weather, but the coming week the weather seems to become much colder, according the weather forecast. However, we still eat strawberries due to the long flowering strawberry varieties, yummy!
    I wish you a good week too, enjoy! Hugs, Ilona