Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Before and After


Several years ago, I started making a crochet blanket while sitting next to a hospital bed. It was a really unhappy time in my life. Sadness was woven into the blanket together with the yarn. Also, the colours were much too busy for the design and being a beginner at crochet, I made many, many mistakes while trying to count the rows and figure out the complicated stitches. Whenever I worked at this blanket it felt wrong but being stubborn, I continued with it off and on between other projects.
No, I don't have the captions the wrong way around. Over the last few weeks, I've been slowly frogging the entire thing and this is what remains. A project that won't end up as a UFO. I have a basket of yarn neatly wound into balls. Plus, I am making a different blanket that uses some of the same colours so the yarn will go directly there.

Rather than feeling guilt at my destructiveness, ripping out the stitches was therapeutic and just what I needed as I once again go through a time of extreme stress and hospital visits. I'm very concerned about Henning and what lies ahead for us this week. All I can do is believe in a positive outcome, and try not to worry about things that might never happen.

We had a lovely bike ride to the river this afternoon, probably our last for a long while. The harvest is in and wildflowers have taken over the edges of the fields. And yeah, we kept one eye on the sky all the way ;-)


  1. While I can totally understand being disappointed in our product while we are just learning something new, I think the blanket is stunningly beautiful! I have never seen such a whimsical pattern and in such unusual but amazingly complementary colors! I hope you have made others because it is certainly among your many talents! And I am happy that you could recycle the yarn to have another shot at something you love better.
    Do I understand correctly when you say you are worried about Henning's health? Oh Megan - I am so sorry that this has been lumped on top of what has been an already stressful and challenging time for you two. You are right to try not to worry. Take things one moment at a time and all will be well. Getting out for a bike ride is just the thing for the troubled soul, especially with the show that nature is putting on for you! Sending prayers and healing thoughts.

  2. A veces es mejor deshacerse de algo que por algún motivo no nos convence, o en tu caso, te traía malos recuerdos y te entristecía. Ahora de todo aquello tienes una preciosa paleta de color con la que crear algo nuevo y satisfactorio!
    Mantén el ánimo alto, piensa en positivo, es normal tu preocupación por Henning, pero quizás las cosas se vayan resolviendo satisfactoriamente, por mi parte todo el ánimo y la fuerza que puedo desearte.
    Disfrutar de un bonito paseo y de la llegada de la primavera, mantiene oxigenados los pensamientos.

  3. Allthough I know you didn't like the blanket including all its flaws, I think it was just beautiful!! I loved seeing the complementary colors and the different stitches, but I can understand why you undid it.
    Now you're using the yarn for something else, which is good, stay busy.
    Allthough it's difficult, try to stay positive for Henning, dear Megan, but also for yourself.
    I loved seeing the pictures of the bike tour, what a beauty along the roads are amazingly beautiful, are these Cosmea flowers??
    I'm sending you good energy and positive thoughts.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Megan.
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Sometimes things just need to be taken apart. Love the colors!

  5. Well, the blanket served its use and now you have ready beautiful colored yarns for your new project.
    The roads at your end are very beautiful. Amazing flowers on each side.
    Stay calm and positive, worrying doesn't help but keeping busy, doing things your love helps a lot.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Hi Megan. Sending you hugs at what is a very stressful, worrying time. I hope that things go well with Henning - when our loved ones are ill, it’s hard not to stress and harder still when we feel like we can’t do much to help them. It’s great that you managed to get out for a ride again though, and that as well as your hobbies will do you some good. And speaking of, I too loved the blanket, but completely understand the therapeutic benefits of pulling it apart. I once crocheted a scarf with little pattern reading experience and unravelled parts so many times I must’ve crocheted the whole thing at least three times. No idea how long it took, but eventually I got there. Anyway, just know you are in my thoughts, and look after yourself as well as Henning.

  7. Hiciste un gran trabajo Megan , pero como te trae malos recuerdos también de vez en cuando viene muy bien renovarse y lo mejor que ya lo tienes para otro proyecto Mucho ánimo en estos momento y pensar en positivo que todo saldrá bien. Un gran abrazo

  8. I loved Sheila's comment, "Sometimes things need to be taken apart." It is part of the process of making room for something better. (although the blanket was quite beautiful!) Best wishes for you and your loved one!

  9. At a sad time in your life, you created an antidote in a piece with very cheerful pattern and color. But being finished was not the objective. I’m so sorry that again your must take the work to the hospital with you, but I hope that the cheerful colors will serve their purpose again. Take care, both of you.

  10. I'm very sorry to hear you have to worry about Henning... my best wishes for him that everything will turn out well soon and for loads of strength for you.

    And although I too thought your blanket was very cheerful with its bright colors I think it was a good idea to rip it off. If there are sad memories being woven into it it would have become a piece you would not like to use. So it's good that you're making a new start with the yarn.


  11. That's why crocheters call it Frogging. Rip-it! Rip-it! Sometimes un-making something can heal.

    Your basket of colors can now go into something that brings good memories. Sending strong thoughts for you and Henning.