Sunday, April 18, 2021

Slow and Steady


A tall stack of crochet squares. At this rate, I will have a blanket before winter sets in. This project is exactly what I needed during a weird week.

In a non-pandemic world, Henning would have stayed in hospital for three days but things being as they are, I brought him home ninety minutes after he woke up from a four-hour anaesthesia. Our compassionate surgeon prescribed morphine and oh boy, did the patient need it! A bone graft is the kind of torturous operation that should only be performed in the seventh circle of hell.

In a bizarre twist, the drug that makes you drowsy had the opposite effect on Henning. Although it definitely made him forget the pain, he was awake for 48 hours straight and was babbling an endless stream of uproarious blather. For a man whose daily quota of words usually runs out by 9am, this is quite a record. I'm exhausted.

Now we face two weeks of recovery, followed by six weeks of rehab. I think life will slowly start returning to normal. This coming week, I hope to have snatches of time to  get back to work on miniatures and teddy bears. In my next post, I should have something to show.

Wishing you a sunny, creative week.

P.S. Are any of you who use Blogger researching alternatives to Feedburner?


  1. Hi Megan. Wow, interesting times for you! I hope Henning is on the up now and you get some rest too. The blanket squares look great and in a lovely colour combination. Hope this time you are happier with how it is looking.

  2. And, best wishes to you and Henning for a good week. I love your squares!

  3. Lo más importante es que Henning comience poco a poco a recuperarse para que podáis volver a la normalidad. La rehabilitación será molesta, pero le sentará muy bien.
    Los cuadrados de tu manta se ven fabulosos y me gusta mucho la combinación de tonos!

  4. The rehabilitation of Henning can start now he is back home, but I feel sorry for him that he was in so much pain. Good that he had got good medication. Yes, doing and getting surgeries in these troubled times are no easy things to do, also because we can't stay in hospital as long as needed, as we normally do. The surgery was not easy for Henning, but also not for you, so take care for yourself too, dear Megan.
    The blanket squares are lovely, Megan, I like the colors.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Megan.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. It’s so nice to hear that Henning is through the surgery. I understand the post surgery blathering; my husband had a dental implant and started talking to me on the way home. I soon realized his words made no sense and the conversation was only one way. Luckily, unlike with Henning, my husband fell asleep as soon as I got him home. Best wishes for a straightforward recovery.

  6. Muy buen comienzo con tus cuadrados de la manta. Me alegro mucho que la operación Henning haya salido bien , ahora mucha paciencia en esa rehabilitación, mucha fuerza .Buena semana, besos

  7. Great news about Henning! I had to laugh remembering when Ande was on the morphine for a couple weeks during his arm and skin grafting surgeries. He started out with all the "I love you so much momma and I am so sorry about the accident", and then moved on to an itchy and constipated, miserable boy! I hope Henning doesn't need it for long!
    The squares are so beautiful! This blanket is going to be so rewarding when it's finished - full of triumphant memories and such a beautiful and treasured labor of love.

  8. Good news about Henning! I wish you both an easy recovery. Pain causes people to act and talk strangely, isn't it so?
    I love the colors of the squares. This will be a beautiful blanket to treasure.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Love your pile of squares. So pretty. And I'm glad Henning wasn't in pain. Hopefully after his manic talking stage passed the two of you could get some rest.

  10. Has hecho una buena acumulación de cuadrados, la combinación es muy bonita.
    Es estupendo que Henning no haya sentido dolor, espero que en la rehabilitación tampoco lo sienta, y que sea rápida.
    No había oído hablar de Feedburner

  11. No doubt you had a weird and exhausting time - I feel so sorry for you both (because you have been co-suffering) and I really hope that Henning is now recovering well. My best wishes to you both! Oh, and not to forget: The crochet squares look awesome... you've been productive indeed.