Sunday, April 11, 2021

Not My Cup of Tea

This is a blanket I made ten years ago, when I first learned to crochet. It was a block-a-week series that you could subscribe to via the stationery shop. 

Of course, like many subscription traps, when you add up the total cost, you could have bought yarn for several blankets by the time you paid for all 100 issues. But for once I feel that it was good value for money. If you followed the lessons every week you received a very thorough instruction in the art of crochet and they were generous with the yarn. So generous that I started a second blanket with the leftovers.

This is where I am. There won't be enough yarn to complete the blanket so I'm adding colours from the project I frogged a few weeks ago. It's the ideal activity to keep my hands busy while other things are happening.
Henning's next (and hopefully final) surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday. It involves a bone transplant so I think it will be quite uncomfortable. There are still many squares needed to complete this throw so he can rest and take his time with recovery once he is home.

In other news, there's a kettle ghost loose in my kitchen. First, my trusty blue enamel kettle was posessed and it started switching off as soon as the water was lukewarm. Once off, nothing could convince it to turn on again for an hour, by which time I had forgotten that I wanted a cup of tea. After several days of this, I admitted defeat and swapped the kettle for an old stainless steel one from the junk room. 
Unfortunately, it had a plastic spout and it was immediately apparent why it had been banished. It was leaking quite badly from the seam. In an attempt to salvage the kettle and stop scalding water from running down my arm every time I tilted it, I disassembled the kettle and fetched the superglue. In short order I managed to glue two fingers to the kettle and the kettle to the table but no way would the spout stick to the kettle. Into the dustbin with a clang.

Next, I unearthed an old plastic kettle that I used in the studio in the past when I needed hot water for mixing art materials. This one boils the water, but it makes tea that taste of plastic. Like a shark can smell blood, I can detect foreign substances in my tea when it's one part per billion. I'll admit that I'm a bit fussy.

I've done an online search and saw a ghost-proof kettle that I like. Now all I need is to find a shop that has it in stock.


  1. Megan, I can understand your dilemma. With something as important as hot beverages, everything needs to be right, and you can never underestimate the value of a good kettle! I am a big water drinker, and some years ago, our water changed, and if it has been sitting in my glass for more than half an hour, it starts to taste really industrial/chemical. Like it has been sitting in pipes for a long time. Yuck. We are on mains water, so not sure why it’s so awful. But fortunately it doesn’t affect my chai! Also, great work on the rugs! I find crochet and kniting quite therapeutic.

  2. Crocheting and knitting can be very therapeutic indeed, if someone is restless for some reason, or if one has to sit aside a sick persons bed. I hope everything will go well with the surgery of Henning and you can go on with the throw, sitting next to his side.
    The throw looks lovely as it is now already.
    Regarding the kettle issues: I am afraid I am not a big help for you, sorry.
    Sending you positive thoughts, dear Megan.
    Stay safe, take care.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. How I wish I had learned to crochet. I had opportunities as almost everyone in my family was skilled in the art, but I just never thought I had the time. However, my daughter does beautiful crochet work for which I am proud. Your throw is gorgeous!

  4. Las mantas son una preciosidad. Es una suerte que sobraran hilos.
    Espero que la operación de Henning vaya muy bien, y se recupere pronto.
    Toda una aventura con las teteras, seguro que a la cuarta vá la vencida.

  5. Now is not the time to be harassed by kettle ghosts 😜. My husband takes charge of our hot water and went to an electric kettle some years ago. It has been quite dependable. I wish Henning well during his procedures. It brings to mind my world traveler brother-in-law who found himself in South Africa with advanced septic shock. Once some strangers got him to the hospital the medical professionals were able to get him back on the road. With the experts and your support, Henning will be back on the road soon.

  6. Menos mal que hacer ganchillo es muy relajante y esas mantas son preciosas!! Así te olvidas un poco del fantasma de la tetera, que mala suerte has tenido con los suministros del trastero, espero que pronto encuentres la tetera "Goshbusters" y puedas paladear un delicioso té!

  7. Un trabajo de mucha paciencia Megan , seguro que esta segunda te quedará igual o mejor que la primera ya que tienes experiencia. Mis mejores deseos para Henning seguro que se recuperará muy bien , teniéndote a su lado segurísimo. Un abrazo para los dos y mucha fuerza. Besos

  8. I totally agree with you, Megan, about the tea! I only ever drink tea at my own home because either I don't like the taste of the water they use in a restaurant, or I don't like the brand of tea they use....whatever. Tea is a very personal thing - it has to be just right! I hope all goes well with the surgery. - Marilyn D.

  9. I love your old blanket and am sure this one, you are patiently working on will be well, as long as you don't lose your wonderful sense of humor.
    Holding my fingers crossed for Henning's surgery to be successful.
    A warm hug,

  10. Gorgeous blanket! There is nothing you are not excellent at!!!
    Good luck with the hunt! I hope the new kettle is the best one you've ever had!!!

  11. Hello Megan,

    Thank you for leaving a comment underneath my latest post! I wrote a response to it on my blog. Please have a look.

    I am sorry to read that your husband Henning is having to go through so many surgeries. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that this will be the final one needed and that everything goes well, with as little stress and discomfort for you both as possible.

    Did you learn crocheting through the subscription, or did you already have some experience beforehand? The blanket looks lovely. :)

    Hope you get a ghost-proof kettle soon (without any uncalled-for superfluous aromas...). ;)

    Best wishes,

  12. So your husband's surgery is tomorrow... my very best wishes to him, may everything go well and may he recover fast... so fast that you did not have time to complete the still missing granny squares. It's a great way to keep occupied and concentrated in these hard times - I'm wishing to you loads of strength.

    And of course I'm keeping my fingers crossed... also for the kettle issue. Let's hope you will be able to enjoy one, two cups of tasty tea soon again. What a nasty kettle ghost!