Sunday, April 25, 2021

This is not Annabelle


This is not Anabelle. She's not Alice either, although I'm thinking of naming her that. Remember the song from 1977? Smokie crooning '24 years living next dooooor to Alice...' ha ha, I might have just given you an earworm.

The naked lady in the box is a 1/12th scale crash-test dummy of the dollhouse world. I use her whenever I need to check the scale of a project. Here, she is a placeholder for Annabelle who hasn't been created yet.

Who is Annabelle? Tasha Tudor introduced us to this sweet doll in a book she wrote in 1954. The purpose of A is for Annabelle was to teach Tasha's granddaughters the alphabet by naming Annabelle's clothing and accessories from A to Z. 

I fell in love with the beautiful illustrations the first time I set eyes on this vintage book and for the longest time, I have yearned to create my own Annabelle with all her pretty things. She has a Locket, a Posy, an Umbrella, and twentythree other beautiful things. Earlier this year, I mentioned the idea in Sandra's group for mignonette dolls and it caught fire. Soon, everyone was scouring the internet for their own copy of the book (it is in reprint and very affordable if you want your own). Now that I have some buddies who are doing it too, I've started putting ideas together. 

Everyone will be doing their own thing, at their own pace. I will show you what I'm making here. So if you would like to do it too, just go ahead! You will need the book, a suitable doll, and a box to put her in. The scale is up to you. Then you just follow the alphabet from A to Z and add items to the box. You can make them or buy them.

Next week I will show you how I made my box. Here's a teaser:

In other news, the patient is much better, although he is already becoming very bored with bed rest. Thank heavens for Youtube videos and Mr Musk launching rockets to Mars and the moon. And when there are no rockets left to launch, there is always Tesla. Things that go bang and things with wheels, what is it with men?

Here's my thought for the week:


I asked myself why I'm starting yet another project when I already have so many things on the go. Then I read Northdixie's Blog. A creative project consisting of many bite-sized parts suddenly made perfect sense. I think most of us feel overwhelmed by the state of the world. Setting micro-goals can help you to to feel grounded and give you a sense of achievement. Dixie creates the poignant image of making a bouquet by picking one flower at a time.

My wish for you is that your week will become a bouquet of beautiful flowers.



  1. I am glad to hear that the patient is recovering well and getting bored, that´s a good sign! With regards your new project, it sounds fantastic, I can´t wait to see your take, no doubt you will amaze us with your creativity. Such a great idea.

  2. Boredom is a definite sign of recovery! Yay!

    It's your hobby. I say do it however you want.

  3. Una noticia estupenda que la recuperación de Henning vaya bien, es lo principal. Tu nuevo proyecto es muy seductor, seguro que la interpretación de tus amigos darán muchas sorpresas, un mismo proyecto visto de diferentes formas de interpretación. Te deseo buena semana , cuídate y que el enfermo sane pronto totalmente. Besos

  4. My first thought when I saw that your post was about miniatures was Henning is okay! What good news that his recovery is going well. That’s a great idea for your new project, I’m excited to watch it unfold.

  5. Dear Megan, this is such a lovely idea, for creating the alphabet according to Tasha's book! I love the idea and now I am very curious to see how your box will look like.
    Good to read that Henning is feeling better, and that he is even getting bored, for me this would be the sign he feels better and maybe he loves to be spoiled by you now.....hehehe ;O).
    "Every bouquet begins with one picked flower", what wonderful quote. My bouquet will be the completion of the farmhouse, but it takes so much time to build it myself. So, one thing at this time is also the utterly goal for me in these troubled time. I also feel overwhelmed with what happens in the world right now....and I think many of us are.
    I hope to see your bouquet growing, dear Megan, stay safe and positive, take care for Henning and yourself.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. What a wonderful and exciting idea for a project, Megan! I am glad you are not waiting to finish other things before you begin this project. We have to follow our inspirations, otherwise our passion turns into our job. And waiting for the right time? The right time is NOW!
    Glad Henning is healing up well! And when he gets board of everything, just feed him good things. Works for Russ every time!

  7. Hi Meghan, Very nice to read your blog. I look forward to watching the development of Annabelle’s 23 possessions and display.

    So glad to hear your “other half” is recovering and beginning to feel discontented ...... things must be on the mend.
    Take care.
    Regards from BC Canada

  8. It's a wonderful project which I'll be very happy to follow. As to working on other unfinished projects, you're not the only one.
    Nice to know Henning is recovering. Boredom is easier than pains to bear.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Most importantly; I am really glad to read Henning is getting bored (better)!
    The A is for Annabelle 'make-along' project sounds so sweet and a lot of fun. There are certain letters I really cannot imagine what the items will be so will look forward to follow along on that journey.
    Anna X

  10. Que buena noticia saber que ya se está recuperando.
    Tu nuevo proyecto me parece muy bonito e interesante. Estaré pendiente de los progresos.
    La imagen es muy bonita .

  11. I'm glad to hear Henning is recovering and feeling well according to the circumstances - and no doubt about it: Boredom is a good sign in this case! ;O)

    And I'm also glad to learn that you're starting a new project - what a lovely inspiration, it will be as exciting as it is fun to follow your steps. And don't bother about starting yet another project... the important thing is that you're having fun and that you always keep in mind that one of the good aspects of our miniature hobby is that our pieces can wait for us over years without loosing their quality... such an advantage compared with for example hobby baking. *LOL* Have fun!