Monday, July 8, 2013

Manic Monday

I have noticed during stressful periods in my life that sleep deprivation can lead to interesting situations.  As a self employed artist under normal circumstances, I manage to be fairly efficient.  With a sick man, and varied domestic crises over the last few weeks, I am starting to unravel a little.
This morning I got out of bed in a daze, staggering from lack of sleep and chocolate overdose.  Never a good thing on a Monday.  I could only stay focused by repeating the mantra 'hang up washing, post the mail orders, buy dog food, go to pharmacy'...
By 10am, with mail order envelopes all zipped up and washing machine unloaded, I sailed out the door ready to defeat that list.
Only to be stopped short by a sizable pile of monkey pooh on the roof of my car.  A new obstacle to reaching the bottom of my to-do list by the end of the day.  The troupe of monkeys that have moved into our neighbourhood are becoming bolder by the day.  After a cursory inspection I decided that this little problem need not break my speed.  In fact, it might disappear completely if I drive very fast when I get to the paved road.
No such luck.  When I reached the mall parking lot, the little monument was undisturbed.  That monkey must have been eating glue. I parked in the furthest corner, grabbed my basket and made a break for the post office before anyone saw me near my tainted car.
In the post office, the queue was making a lazy snake and I settled in for a long wait.  Standing there, shifting my weight from foot to foot, my basket was becoming heavier by the minute.  When I looked down, I discovered to my horror that I was about to post a basket of laundry.  The mail orders must be under the washing line!
I slinked back to my car, fervently hoping that I don't come across anyone I know and retraced my steps back to the beginning of that to-do list. 
So, here we are at the end of the day.  I could say that all's well that ends well.  Everything has been crossed off my to-do list, except for a certain sticky issue that still needs to be dealt with.


  1. As soon as I stop crying from laughing so hard I know I will be able to relate to your story - all except for the monkey poop.

    I don't think I will ever stand in a line at the post office without thinking about you. Too funny.


  2. Oh Megan
    S..t happens. I have laughed so much that I think I have cracked a rib or two. On a more serious note how is The Man - hope he is getting better. Fortunately you did not hand over your basket to the poor man in the post Office - that would have had him wondering where to post it to.
    Hope the week goes better - send get well wishes to Henning.

    1. S..t happens indeed. Some days it's piled to the roof here :-) At least we still have lots to laugh about.

    2. OH lordy! On your car roof??!!! :) See?..just a tiny smile...I won't laugh right out loud at you! I mean, it's NOT your poop, not YOUR fault! Poor baby..not fair at all..

      *walks aways with hands over mouth holding in the HAHA's until out of sight! then.... BWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!* :)

    3. What does your car look like? I'm sending a monkey...