Friday, July 26, 2013

Annie's Hair

This week has left me nearly empty handed as far as creative endeavours go.  I have been tinkering with code for the website shopping cart, writing an article, and stocking shelves in the studio after a rather large shipment of supplies arrived.  Oh, and of course the most loathly task of all, dusting shelves and cleaning.
As a reward for cleaning, I did finish making hair for my Annie style doll.  

This was fun.  First I crocheted a skull cap, then I added the individual strands of hair the way that one would make a knotted rug.  Then came the trimming.  This was scary.  That’s my mother’s fault.  I distinctly remember a good hiding I got after trimming my own fringe when I was about three years old.  I think I never held scissors for a long time after that.  Trimming Annie’s hair was fraught with anxiety.  I kept checking to see if someone was going to catch me at it.  But I was brave and I did it.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday.  She has such a busy social life that I had to phone her today already to wish her a blessed year.  To celebrate she is going hot air ballooning and dining with friends.  I got her a snazzy handbag in the shape of an owl, but don’t go blabbing, she hasn’t seen it yet!
 Also tomorrow, I’m getting together with a group of doll crafters to work on our projects.  I haven’t decided yet what I’m doing.  Fortunately I have no end of UFO’s lying around, I will just grab a likely candidate and give it a go.  If I feel like being different, I might even work on a bear!

Wishing you a creative weekend.


  1. Replies
    1. Missed a whole week of keeping up with the blog... We need more weekends!

  2. HeHe, I think we all cut something with a pair of scissors that we shouldn't have cut when we were small, at least you hair grew again, my poor Barbie doll never recovered from the haircut I gave her.

    Annie looks beautiful, I love her hairdo!

    Have a fun and relaxing weekend

    1. Thanks, Elga. And another weekend has flown past too! I'm looking with interest at all the lovely things you are doing.

  3. Annie's hair is gorgeous - makes me want to perm mine again!
    I once cut electrical wire without turning off the current - fortunately the scissors had plastic handles. Needless to say they were destroyed and I got (the shock) from my Mom! Aurora

    1. Thanks for Annie's hair compliment. One thing I never did was stick my finger in a wall socket. In fact, my mother handed out such dire warnings about electricity that I always went around switching off wall plugs. I was frightened the electricity would leak out through the holes and follow me around the room. What a ninny I was!