Monday, July 22, 2013

Technologically Challenged Monday

Today I feel as though I'm a monkey.  To be precise, a monkey with a tin of beans in its paws.  I know there's something in there, I can hear it rattling when I shake the thing, but I have no idea how to get it out.
Got a new phone, the upgrade was way overdue and very neccessary.  Problem is, it's flat and black and has not a single button.  To get the tin can to divulge its secrets, you use swipy gestures with a deft finger across the screen.  I haven't mastered the swipe yet. 
A few times I have caught myself trying to give it a telepathic nudge, thinking if I stare at it hard enough, it might react...  
I wonder, when I need a new phone in a few years time, what it will look like?


  1. My cell phone is the kind that you can actually press buttons to dial and I love it. I went in to Verizon to have my number changed and the first thing I was asked was "don't you want a new phone?" NO. I am use to this one, I like it and even though it's older it looks brand new.

    Why would I want a new phone? Can't imagine what is new on the horizon. Could be scary.

    Have a fantastic week and make friends with that new gadget. (o:

  2. The beauty of the new phones is that they can connect via my satelite internet connection at home. We live in a rural area and cell phone reception is poor at the best of times. We also do not have land line telephones so this new technology is a real blessing. The only pain is learning to use it. All my emails were on my phone when I woke up this morning, so the connection seems to be working, today I'm getting back to sewing bears!